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Retirement planning for the New Millennium

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Navigating these ever-changing economic times can be a daunting task without professional help. Planning for retirement is not just about seeking high rates of return and growing your portfolio—there are also numerous risks to consider!

For the Individual

Longevity Risk: The risk of outliving your money.

Interest Rate Risk: The interest that banks pay may not keep pace with inflation.

Market Risk: Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are subject to market volatility.

Time Horizon Risk: As one ages, the less time there is to recover investment losses.

Tax Risk: Congress, state legislatures, and city hall do not guarantee future tax rates.

Inflation Risk: Inflation will cause the purchasing power of money to decrease.

Social Security Risk: The government does not guarantee Social Security benefits.

Pension Risk: Underfunded pension plans can decrease or even end benefits.

Health Risk: Nursing home care can severely shrink assets for surviving loved ones.

Financial Estate Risk: Estate shrinkage from taxes, fees, court costs, and creditors.

For the Business Owner

For the Business Owner

Business Risk: No exit strategy for your business, resulting in the loss of its value.